We use only the finest, pharmaceutical grade products. They are natural, pure and safe. Enriched with anti-oxidents to keep skin smooth, healthy and looking great!

About Microcurrent Treatments

About Energy Light Rejuvenation

Signature Facials

Starting at $150, our signature facials are extremely customizable to fit any budget and use cutting edge technology.
Zoner treatment anti-aging three treatments in one
Radio frequency
Bio stimulation
Mesoportition starting at $250 to 350
Microcurrent treatment with deep pore cleansing starting at $175 to 250

Facial Treatments

Deep pore cleansing $85
Hydrating facial $85
Vitamin C Antioxidant treatment $90
Glycolic acid peel $95
Soothing facial for sensitive skin $85
Enzyme peels $90
Sun damage treatments $95
Pregnancy facial (all natural) $85
Dermaplaning $85
Young adult facial $60
Microdermabrasion (w/baking soda) (Series of 6 - $600) $125
Decollete microdermabrasion $45

Other Treatments

Bacial (back treatment) $65
Extraction only $45

Treatment Descriptions

Oxygen treatments gives the skin brightness and clarity and works on clog pores,dullness and brings back radiance and freshness to your face. Oxygen also increases circulation and the delivery of nutrition to the skin that gives the skin its energy . Great for all skin types

Radio frequency treatment is a technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production.Feels like a warm facial massage.

Enzyme peel gently eats away at the dead skin and cleanses the surface of the face. Great for all skin types Creates a brighter And smoother complexion.

Bio stimulation treatments improves skin texture , increases circulation of blood flow, diminishes wrinkles , fine lines and sagging skin

Meso portition is needle free anti-aging delivery of skin products that produces deep hydration , lifting effect ,and a radiant skin tone.

Derma planing is a simple and safe way to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair from your face. Using a surgical blade that will smooth , soften and brighten your complexion . Great add on to any treatment

Collagen induction therapy (micro needling ) anti-aging and acne scarring skin will benefit greatly from this treatment. All natural and organic products will penetrate deeply into the skins surface. Improves collagen, and elastin production.

Chemical peels are a deep exfoliation of the surface of the skin by treating the upper layers of skin tissue. Helps with hyperpigmentation ,discoloration ,brown spots and sun damage. Peels will slough off all dead skin cells creating a new layer of soft smooth and brighter skin.

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