I was so thrilled to win the gift certificate for a facial. The facial was superb! I have already started my money jar. When I have saved enough, I will be right back to see you. I told everyone at The Joy of Connecting how fabulous it was and I hve also told several friends. My face still feels and looks so much better. I hope we see one another again soon. Nothing can compare to your facials. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Donna Hearn

Marion is an expert at the top of her field. She is constantly learning about skin-care. She keeps up with the best products on the market and uses only the best, and it shows - on her skin and on her clients. She is extremely well-read, competent, and a committed proponent of healthy living and healthy skin care. Keep up the good work, Marion!
Debbie Rice

Esthetician = Marion Bodner. I have been going to her for facials, microdermabrasions, and an assortment of other procedures for the past 7 years. Her mantra is always "natural based products", no artificial or fragrant chemicals, and always the purest and best ingredients. She is 100% behind all the products she uses and her technique and approach to her craft is flawless. She is the best. Highly recommended.
Joy McDonald

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